Hey, what’s up guys today I’ve got a really cool list tech news tricks that are going to make your life a whole lot easier. I think you’re going to love them so let’s get started…

Computer Fast Boot Mode

First has to do with your computer. Now we all know that it takes a long time to boot up your computer. We don’t have always that time. It’s kind of annoying. But what if I told you there is a Fastboot Mode you can enable and this is something that most modern computers have. You see all you have to do is hold down the Spacebar while you’re booting your computer when you press the power button and it will boot your computer in fast mode causing windows to load much faster.

We all could use more battery life on our phones! But did you know that all modern cell phones have solar panels built right into the LCD screens? This means that if you’re using your cell phone in direct sunlight. It’s going to last slightly longer because it’s going to be trickle charging that battery while you’re using the phone. It may not show it’s charging but you will certainly notice the difference in reduced battery usage if you’re using your phone outside.

Improve Cell Reception

Did you know that holding your cell phone parallel with the ground will give you a better cell signal? This is because radio waves travel along ground horizontally. So lining your cell phone’s antennas up with that will give you better reception.

The USB ports at the top of your computer on a tower desktop are typically faster than those at the bottom. That’s because they are further from the electromagnetic interference caused by the other components in the computer.

So if you want to copy a file faster. Use the USB ports towards the top of the computer first and you might be able to get a faster transfer speed.

Better Speaker Bass

Tip for you music lovers if you listen to music with a lot of bass like hip-hop. Try turning your speaker’s upside down. This will create a better bass response meaning the music is going to sound much better on the low end.

Max Internet Performance

Did you know that your internet speed is usually fastest in the morning? That’s because that’s when the Earth’s disruptive magnetic field is the weakest. So if you’re going to download some large files try starting downloading it in the morning and you might get it done faster than if you did in the afternoon.

Better Microwaving

Here’s a cool trick for all you cooks. If you try to put your food in the microwave and it doesn’t come out quite hot enough. Try adding more time the timer. the higher the number you put in the heart of the food comes out. I’m sure you guys are definitely going to be looking forward to using that trick the next time you cook your food.

Improve CPU Performance

Did you know that after a thunderstorm the air is more electrically charged and this actually helped your computer perform better and do more CPU cycles? So the next time you have a thunderstorm try using your computer for heavy intensive processes after it’s over. Of course, you don’t want to use your computer during a thunderstorm. Always use a surge protector but afterwards, you may see a noticeable boost in your computer’s performance.

Better PC Cooling

Did you know that computer fans with blue LEDs cool computers the best? That’s because blue is like ice and that means that they are optimized for better cooling. If you get a fan with no LEDs that’s pretty much average. But if you get one with red LEDs you certainly don’t want to use that to cool your computer other than decoration. Because red obviously means fire and those typically are not as optimized for cooling.

Faster Phone Charging Tech News Tricks

Finally a great tip for charging your cell phone. Did you know that white USB cords can charge your phone faster than any other colour? That’s because white cords reflect more electromagnetic interference than any other colour just like white colour reflects more light than any other colour.

Apple has known this for a long time and it’s no surprise that they use white coloured cables in pretty much every single one of their devices that’s because it makes their devices appear to perform much better than competitors.

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So I hope you guys found this list of tech news tricks helpful. I’m sure you’re going to be able to put a lot of them to use.


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