Hey, what’s up guys I’m Akshay here and today I’m taking a look at the top 5 tech myth and when I say top it kind of mean. The Top 15 that are sort of floating around right now some of these you may already know the myth some of them you might actually be a victim of thinking or true.

Top 15 Tech Myth 

www and Internet are Same

Many people think that worldwide web and Internet are same. But they are not! broadly speaking. When we use the word Internet we talk about everything on a network of networks. This includes using Skype on your computer sharing files with torrents or even browsing the web on your favorite browser. Whereas world wide web or web for short is a subset of the Internet.

www and internet are not same technology myths

So when we talk about when we refer it to the collection of all the web pages that can be viewed on your web browser.

Expensive HDMI Cable Is Better

If you have ever shopped for HDMI cables you would know that they come at all prices. You can buy them for $2 to approve $50. But the truth is all HDMI cables are same. being extra for good plated HDMI cable won’t have any effect on your picture quality.

Deleted Files Can Not Be Recover

Some people still believe that if you delete a file from Recycle Bin it means it is gone forever. But again this is not true. Technically when you delete a file permanently your operating system only deletes the link to that file are not the actual file itself. So your deleted data is still there and if you act immediately.

deleted files can not be recovered technology myth

You can still recover it using special data recovery software.

MB/s and MB/s Are Same

Megabytes with capital B is a unit for file size and megabits with a small B is a unit for download speed. But since both in the short form sound similar that is Mbps. People often get confused and telecom company uses it as a marketing gimmick. But obviously they are not same and the real relationship between them is 1 megabyte is equal to 8 megabits.

technology myths mbs Mbs are same

So if you have 1 Mbps internet connection your download speed will be 1/8 of it that is 125-kilobits per second.

Refresh Speed Up PC

Growing up as a child in India I have often seen people refreshing their computers and this made me wonder if refreshing windows every now then would make the computer run smoother and in reality, it don’t.

All it does is load up your icons on your desktop. It doesn’t improve your computer performance or make it run smoother so stop doing that.

Open Source Means Always FREE

Most open source software is free you can even modify and redistribute them. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all open-source software is free.

There are a few software and games that are open-source but still not of here.

Magnet Can Erase Hard Drive

It is a common misbelief that rubbing a magnet on your hard drive will it is the data. Well, the truth is most magnet lying around your house will have no impact on your hard drives. But if you really want to wipe out your hard drive then you will need a very strong magnet for that like a CT-Scan machine found in the hospitals.

Overcharging Destroys The Battery

When it comes to battery life people often come with their own explanation. So if you have heard you must like leaving your phone plugged in all night may kill your battery then don’t believe it.

overcharging destroys battery technology myths

Modern smartphones friends on the lithium-ion battery that are smart enough to stop charging when they reach their full capacity. So overcharging won’t damage your battery but heat can the best practice for lithium and battery is to charge them between 40 to 80 percent.

Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer

Everyone knows cell phone emits radiation but can it cause cancer. Well as of now there have been countless research and scientific studies to find out the impact of cell phone radiations on the human brain and the results are conflicting. It is still not clear whether cell phones can cause cancer or not.

The only thing we know is even though cell phone uses has increased over past decade the rate of brain cancer patient didn’t rise.

mobile signals can cause cancer technology myth

It is extremely unlikely that cell phones actually cause brain cancer and if they do either the effects take decades to show or the increase in risk is very very small.

Laptop Can Make You Sterile

Before jumping to our number one spot here are some popular tech myth that is still not clear now there are some websites and YouTube videos that King that using a laptop on your lap is completely harmless. But the truth is not yet clear.

technology myths laptop on labs

Some scientific studies have shown that the heat generated from the laptop can decrease the sperm count and even alter the DNA so unless it is 100% confirmed it is better to keep your laptop off your lap.

Cell Phone Cause Plane Crash

That is low incident reported when a single cell phone has taken down the entire plane and some airlines in the world even allow cell phone use it during the flights. But we should not forget that every airplane is not same.

cellphone cause plan crash

electronic devices like a cell phone can cause interference with plane navigation system so cell phone might not actually cause the plane crash but it can definitely cause some serious trouble. so the bottom line doesn’t use a cell phone during the flights until and unless it is mentioned.

Rooting Is Legal or Not

Another popular misconception! or tech myth Which is not yet clear is whether rooting your Android or jailbreaking your iPhone is legal or not and the results are unclear in many countries.

rooting is legal Technology Myths

Computer Don’t Multi-task

Now the final one is computers don’t really multitask! Well, they definitely do but not the way you think. In simple words, the computer can switch tasks very fast which creates an illusion that they are multitasking and the technical word for that is context switching.

computers are not multitasking tech myth

This page on wiki says in case of a computer with a single CPU only one task is running at any point in time. In the end, the biggest myth in the world is everything on the internet is true. Never ever blindly believe.

More Megapixels The Better

The tech myth with cameras is the more megapixels is the better and this is sometimes true. In some very limited cases. But I mean honestly, this isn’t actually the complete picture this would be true. if the only thing that differentiated cameras were the number of megapixels or sensors were capable of capturing.

But it’s actually not a good camera is made by overall Good optics. So a good lens fast lens a good glass an overall wide aperture. All sorts of different things make up a good lens and the sensor that’s behind them all.

Another myth that kind of falls underneath that is that an 8-megapixel photo is twice as tall and twice as wide as a 4-megapixel photo. Not exactly true and a may pixel image resolution has twice as many total pixels as a 4-megapixel photo resolution. But as you can see it doesn’t double the vertical and horizontal resolution. It just totals eight million pixels and totals four million pixels. So you don’t have to worry about having a drastically larger image. When going from 18 to 22 megapixels it’s really not a whole gigantic noticeable difference.

Tweaks Will Automatically Drastically Speed Up The Speed of Your Computer


The tech myth is that insert tweak here will automatically drastically speed up the speed of your computer. So obviously a lot of the tech-savvy people already know that these myths are for the most part completely untrue and these are kind of like the worst myths out there. Because they spread more frequently than the other types of myths. Everyone’s always looking for a quick free effortless painless way to like drastically speed up your computer.

But honestly, Android task killers are a perfectly controversial example.

Task killers on Android were originally meant to free up RAM and then, in turn, save battery life. Because it’s killing processes that would be using CPU cycles and RAM. But that turned out to be a bit of a placebo effect because Android itself is actually very good at managing memory.

Honestly, there is no magical thing you can do to drastically speed up your computer or phone or tablet. But the most common secret that people don’t actually know is this maintenance just actually taking care of what you do on your device and actually knowing what you’re installing and how it affects what you’re actually doing.

So just know what you’re doing with your devising you’ll be fine.

Mac Devices Can’t Get Viruses¬†Tech Myth

Another tech myth is that Mac can’t get viruses! What? Not even scratch the surface on this one. But yes Mac can get viruses. Every computer user whether or not they have an anti-virus installed whether or not they’re on Mac OS 10 Linux, Windows or any other operating system needs to be careful about – what they click and needs to be careful about what they download and install.

There is some truth to the fact that there are more viruses out there for Windows machines than there are for Mac machines for example. I mean think about it from the perspective of a malicious hacker. If you’re going to write a virus for example! who are you going to write it for Windows! Because Windows is on 92% of the active computers out there on the Internet today. But yes Mac’s can get viruses be careful.

Safely Eject USB Drive

If you don’t safely eject that USB Drive your computer will freak out and just explode. The idea behind this is that you actually want to avoid unplugging your USB drives when it’s in the process of actually writing or reading data.

So if it’s actually doing something and you unplug it while it’s doing that thing. You might corrupt the file that it was writing. So if you drag a picture from the USB Drive to your computer and suddenly unplug it while it’s transferring the picture. You pretty much just lost that picture. But if it’s idle like you’re not reading or writing anything to it you can just unplug it, I know it’s going to give you the error but you have the ability to turn that error message off and you can just unplug it’s very safe.

Actually, watch someone during a PowerPoint presentation finish his presentation the teacher went to unplug the USB flash drive and he said no no no no stop stop stop I need to safely eject this hardware.

Internet Explorer Sucks

Final tech myth kind of rhyme is that Internet Explorer sucks. Well okay well, they see I’ve been a bit of a culprit for this one I do know that Internet Explorer is a much better browser than it used to be the latest version of it. Anyway, it’s more of a coding nightmare in the background but while Internet Explorer isn’t quite as good as Chrome or Firefox or opera that doesn’t mean it sucks.

It’s just not quite as good as the other browsers but it’s alright.

So these are top 15 tech myth…



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