hi, guys welcome back to another tech talk article about Android. So today we will discuss How to Speed Up Android Device without installing any app or software on it. You can speed up literally a lot your Android device by using these simple settings which are in the developer options.

So if you guys don’t know more about Developer options setting. don’t worry just read this article at the end!

So yup let’s go ahead and check it out…

Speed Up Android Device Without Using Any app

Step No 1: Goto Device Setting 

So go to your device settings and find out the developer options which will be down somewhere.

speed up android device setting
speed up android device setting

So here are the available options on my device now if your device does not have a developer option over here do not worry!

How to Activate Developer Options 

Goto Device setting and Go over to About Devices and scroll down until you find the Build Number and tap on the Build Number five to seven times and the Developer Options will be activated.

speed up android device setting 2

Step 2: So go back and you’ll see the developer options on top of about devices.

So let’s open up the developer options so that this is going down and the things which will be tweaking around today will be these:

  1. Windows Animation Scale
  2. The Transition Animation Scale 
  3. The Animation Duration Scale

These are the settings which will be treated around the speed on your android devices.

speed up android device setting 120

Do not worry I’ll explain these further end the article and these are basically the speed of your device animation and the way your device moves when you change from screen to screen.

By default, these all animation speed is 1x on every Android device the rest of all default speed you can definitely tweak it up.

speed up android device without any app 5

Step 3: Open up into The Animation Scale

If I open up into animation scale and say if I change it to 5x. Which is slower and I open it again you can see the speed how slow it is.

If I cancel it again if open it up again I can see how slow that is so if I change it to 0.5 and now you can see how snappy that is it’s very fast.

Now the second one is transition animation scale. Now by default again it’s 1 if I change it to set 10 and if I go back you can see how slow that animation was.

If I change it to 0.5 and let’s try it out again. And you can see how snappy that was.

speed up android device without any app 6

Step 4: Change The Animation Scale speed to 0.5

But still, there is some lag over here. Because again we are basically having a transition between two pages. So it will be like you over here but let’s go back again and let’s change them again let’s change to say 0.5 and animation scales also is the same with 0.5. Now I can see the entire system is too snappy.

speed up android device without any app 7

Step 5: Change The Transition Animation Scale speed to 0.5

Ok changing between apps and everything is snappy and it’s a little bit faster. Because now the animations are slower due to which the entire switching between apps and you know changing places would be a pretty much fast.

You can also turn it off. As you can see here is the turn of animation if you turn it up. Everything the animation will stop you not has any transition. When you switch between things. So it might look a little bit ugly but it will be very fast now. Because there is no animation.

Step 6: Change The Animation Duration Scale speed to 0.5

So as you can see, it’s too snappy you there is no animation in between switching apps, as you can see no animation at all everything’s switching without animation. Which means you’re not wasting that 0.05 seconds. Which you switch between apps.

speed up android device without any app 8

But I like them set to 0.5. Because then you have animation it looks better and on the other hand is also snappier.

Boost Up the Speed Of Android Device Without Using Any app

Oh, now the second thing we should be doing to speed up Android Device is scroll down here in developer options menu and over here you can see once we reach to the app section over here.

speed up android device without any app 9

We have three settings here which we are going to set up for making speed up Android Device.

  1. Do not keep activities
  2. Limit background processes
  3. Show ANRs

Do Not Keep Activities for speed up Android Device

I will be using these both things over here now do not keep active it is it is turned off by default. If I turn it on what will basically happen is that nothing will run in the background as soon as you exit an app that will be closed.

Usually what happens to the Android operating system is when you exit an app usually. You do not have the exit button. We basically hit the home button to exit an app. Once exit an app, it’s still running in the background as you can see over here it’s still running in the background.

Similarly, games apps and everything. Once you exit it ‘s still running in the background. You’d have to enter the app drawer and then they have to scroll it to remove it.

But if you hit on do not keep activities. What it basically happens is this app will not run in the background. Which can be good apps which will run in the background things like Facebook WhatsApp they will also close. They will not notify you.

speed up android device without any app 9

So yeah, if I using games and you know other apps which you open plug and play and then you quit this is very useful. But for using background apps like Facebook WhatsApp I do not recommend using this.

Limit Background Processes to Speed Up Android 

The second one which is very useful is limit background process. Now, what this basically means it limits the number of apps on the number of programs running the background.

Especially as you have already mentioned Android is a multitasking operating system which makes life very easy. You can switch between apps, you can have one app running, you can switch to another app. This is been there since the starting at the basis of Android switching between apps and multitasking.

speed up android device without any app 10

Now by default on any Android device, you can run an unlimited number of apps in the background. Unless your phone crashes or unless your RAM is full. You can run an unlimited number of apps in the background.

Usually, people have smaller devices or people who have low on ram memory. They face this problem! One, if you’re running, say four to five apps like Chrome watch our Facebook are multiple apps in the background. Your phone will crash unless you close them manually. And that can and that kind of a pain because you cannot close the app. So you do not know which apps might crash.

So this is very useful you can limit the number of apps running in the background. Now as you can see over here the standard limit is unlimited.

speed up android without any app 111

If you hit on no background process! There is no absolute in the background. You will be only using one app at a time.

speed up android device without any app 11

Similarly, if you set it to the one you will be using basically two apps in the background. One in the background one we’ll be using live. And I set it to two processes the same thing and if you hit it to four processes which I recommend you there’ll be 4 apps running on the processor at the same time.

Usually, people who have dual-core phones. People who are low on memory or people who have a lot of apps on the Android devices. You know cluttering up their RAM I recommend you to set it to 3 or 4.

speed up android device without any app 12

Do not set it to 1 or do not set it to no background process. Then you handed phone pretty much like old Nokia phones and it’s very useful because usually do not use more than 3 apps or 4 apps at a time.

That is very useful three or four grand set it to one that will be very harmful. So now speed up android without using any app.

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