One Plus 5 T is a great smartphone and it’s one of my favorite phones on Android platform. But it’s far from perfect in 2017 when the world is moving towards bezel-less designs. When talking about its looks and elegance, the One Plus 5T seems to be the perfect phone for 2017.

Well, are you wondering how? Let me explain!

Let us talk about the upcoming flagship One Plus 5T

Why One Plus 5T it might be the perfect phone of the year.

There are a lot of great phones out there but each of them has at least one glaring flaw, right? So, the ones plus 5 does not have a bezel on its display. The note 8 is too big while the iPhone 8 and pixel 2 have huge bezels and the pixel 2 XL has display issues.

In fact, I’d say that the iPhone 10 has more than one flaw.

Yet it comes at a price that’s out of reach for many. Well, don’t get me wrong; I’m not lip-licking. Of course, these are some of the best phones out there but with each one of them, you have to make some compromises. And this is where the One plus 5 T interests me the most.

The One plus 5 T seems to have everything going for it. While the specs remain the same from the One plus 5, it brings in a major upgrade in the form of an almost bezel-less display.

What every 2017 flagship smartphone promises.

If the leaks are to be believed the 5T will have a 6 inch full HD plus or qHD display within 18:9 aspect ratio in an almost bezel-less design. Yes, that’s just like the note 8’s 8 mixes 2 or the pixel to XL.

— basically what every 2017 flagship smartphone promises.

It should be optic AMOLED and thanks to the bezel-less design, the footprint of 5 T should be the same as the file which again is a plus. The device does look good! Doesn’t it?

Yes, this design does result in the fingerprint scanner going to the back but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal-breaker.

Some prefer it on the front because it’s more accessible in some situations. And some prefer it on the back because the index finger just naturally goes there when you hold for as long as it’s in the right place, unlike the S8.

The 5 T is quite identical to the Oppo R11. There are other improvements as well. I mean just look at the larger 3450 image battery.

I know it’s not a massive upgrade from the 3300 mAh battery on the One plus 5. But hey, every image counts, right?

One plus founders Carl Pei and Pete Lau have shared a couple of photos which were apparently taken with the 5d. These samples suggest that the phone has a wider aperture camera that falls in line with the rumored f 1.6 aperture in the 5d camera.

And above, the specs of the One plus 5 remain solid for 2017. According to the Riemann reveal, the One plus 5t will share a lot of its specs with the One plus 5. That’s not really a bad thing. Isn’t it?

It’s said to be coming with the Snapdragon 835 that is the best process of random phones out there. Also, it’s coupled with six or eight gigs of RAM and 64 and 128 GB storage just like the One plus.

But I think it should have the headphone jack as well.
Yeah, the One plus 5T seems to be perfect! At least on papers! I know some would say there is no IP rating for water or dust resistance. But I do think that with the One plus 5, we at least have an IP 54 rating for splash resistance. And that’s good enough for most people out there!

So let’s check out all the pros of One plus 5 T at a glance.

Pros of One plus 5T

  • A bezel-less design
  • A high-resolution
  • AMOLED display
  • The most powerful processor for Android phones
  • The most Ram you can get on a phone right now
  • A grade dual camera check a higher resolution selfie camera
  • Decent battery life check great software
  • The headphone jack
  • I’d say yes the 1 plus 5t might very well be the perfect phone for 2017

One Plus 5T Price

All in all, I’d say that yes, the One plus 5T is an absolutely perfect phone for 2017. The phone is said to be unveiled on November 16 and well I cannot wait to try it out. And what’s better is that it comes at a reasonable price of about 550 $ when most flagships these days come at around $700.
But that’s what I think about it! What about you?

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