Hello, my dear friends, this is Akshay again and today we will discuss IQ Option Strategy. Now my friend will trade on the huge deposit of two thousand dollars. Now I will show you how to make money in binary options.

Specifically on the how to make money on IQ option the trading platform. For all those who are reading this article for the first time.

I would like to mention and for others, I would like to remind that IQ option is the binary options trading platform. On which will try to make good money.
Again now I will make a bet that I will tell you about everything.

IQ Option Money Making

Starting from a two hundred dollars we are making the stakes for the movement of the currency pair of us dollar trying to forecast the movement of the currency paragraph.

If we succeed in that out of two hundred dollars we will make 372 dollars and the clear profit will be 172 dollars.

But if our guess is not successful we will clearly lose our bet.

So, in general, it’s a risky way to make the profit but in order to minimize our risks and chances for the lost, we will use the same old money management system.

Cold Martingale Principle

Cold Martingale Principle which is currently widely used by traders for training on binary options.
I will tell you once again how this principle works for those who are reading my article for the first time.

Here is the martingale principles main idea… When we lose our bets our next bet has to be two and a half times bigger than previous one.

I mean next time we have to buy binary options with the value which is two and a half times bigger than we lost before.

And once we know where that we get back to the very first initial bet.
So in my case, if I lose these two hundred dollars my next bed should be 500 dollars. This state management system helps me to earn money for quite a long time for several months. I have been making very good money on this binary options platform with the help of this martingale system.

Make Money on IQ Option analysis
Make Money on IQ Option Analysis

So now we will lose our next best should be two and a half times bigger and so on and so on until we win at least one bat. and trading using this principle allows us to lose three four five bets in a row.
But once we win at least one bet he will cover all our previous losses and we will even get profit.

Now, of course, I will show you how it works for the example. But in order to do this, we need not win all the time but to lose at least once or twice.

So if I lose two hundred dollars that I would play for 500 and if I win that bet I would get really nine hundred dollars to my account and this amount will cover both my previous best of two hundred dollars and five hundred dollars and I would even get some profit.

How does IQ Option work?

Now I’ll show you how it works and you can see I’m winning the third stake in a row again as usual.

So you see from two thousand dollars I already have the clear profit to five hundred sixteen dollars where else would you be able to gain 500 or so easily as in binary options with IQ option platform.

However don’t raise your hopes too high because you will not win all the time. Some of your bets I will not be successful and you will be losing them and in that case Martingale system according to which I’m training will help you.

With the help of this system, I have been making money on binary options for many months.

See I made the bed of two hundred dollars and I’m always trying to trade according to the trend.

See that there is decreasing trend the currency paragraph is getting lower and lower all the time so I’m trying to make steaks according to that decreasing trend.

I’m doing that not to lose them and next stake one again the decreasing trend continues that’s why it’s most likely that we will now try to catch the moment when the graph will increase.

And put the state for increasing once again I would like to remind you that the according to martingale system which I’m taking as bases for my trading.

If I won I should make the amount of initial bet.

Martingale Binary Option Strategy
Martingale Binary Option Strategy

In my case, it’s two hundred dollars but you can start from any state you want.
For example, if you don’t have two thousand dollars from your deposit account like I do that you have for one hundred dollars you may start from one dollar or two doors five ten dollars proportionally to the amount of your account.

Of course, you will win more than half of the stakes if you analyze the graph correctly.
So here the technical analysis will be enough. I’ve seen here that increasing friends I mean I have seen that the currency paragraph is going down and I have made many states and managed to get the really wants.

Make Money on IQ Option 1

So here I should have placed the decreasing bad as well.
here is the kickback movement the graph went up sharply by the general trend is decreasing.

Consequently, I am making a decreasing stake as well.
So as you can see it’s already my fifth winning here. It is quite a lot of persons for training you can see them right here.

There is a different currency pair like brand Doyle and gold. Also, there are assets which are not effective right now like Facebook Apple or Amazon.
So you may trade any graph and you can make profits on any assets which are more comfortable for you.

But of course, my recommendation is to trade on the currency pair with the highest profit rates.

In this case, it’s your dollar you can see it has eighty-six percent payout. And it is the highest currency profit rate, for now. That’s why I’m trading on this pair.

Now I will make next one it will be two hundred dollars again.
So I already had three thousand dollars in my account. I started from two thousand dollars and as you can see it’s a real account. It’s not a demo account it is the account of magic government and the account is verified.

Make Money on IQ Option 2

Here is the mark that the account is verified. so it’s real mining real profits and quite good profit.
I will probably lose this $200 bed and if I lose my neck steak will be five hundred dollars.

Let’s see two hundred dollars are lost and the next time. Let’s make a bet which is two and a half times bigger. I will put the stake in five hundred dollars. In this case, as you can see…

If the steak or five hundred dollars is made the profits will be 930 dollars.

In this case, we will return the previous loss of two hundred dollars. We ‘ll cover this steak for five hundred dollars as well. We will get additional profit. So yeah, you should better try to make steaks closer to this line which is called purchase deadline.

Make Money on IQ Option different options

I recommend making it for several seconds before the end to leave less time for the order. And not to have any sudden moves of the currency pair rates. And for everything to work as we forecasted.

Now we have already won the state of 500 dollars and now we have 3262 dollars in the account. Just imagines and it took us only eight minutes to make 1262 dollars profit.

So for successful trading, you have to remember one simple rule. When you lose always make it back which is two and a half times bigger.

According to that strategy, you will lose two three four beds in a row. But sooner or later you will win at least one stake in this steak. And will cover all your previous losses and will give you a good profit as well.

After you win to get back to your national bet.

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