The iPhone X is an outstanding and captivating progression of the iPhone. In truth, the iPhone X is the gigantic jump forward that Apple’s phones looked-for. What more to say when Apple itself pleas it be “The future of the smartphones?” The enthusiasm and zeal around this handset tell its story itself.

Apple has been coming up with similar looking iPhones every year since 2014 with only minor internal changes since the iPhone 6. But not this time this is the iPhone 10. A change so huge for Apple given the whole one more thing out to announce it.

Apple basically reinvented the iPhone this time around but the question is does it live up to its 999 dollar price tag.

So, is the all-new and innovative iPhone X worth buying?

Is it going to change the way of the smartphone business where more than a few specifications of Apple has put in?

Would Apple be able to put all the breath-taking features of iPhone series together in a manner that just works, and produces the ultimate iPhone of all time?

iPhone X Review

Hey, guys, this is Akshay this is the iPhone 10. Apples brand new flagship. Apples answer to the galaxies the essentials and the mixes of the world. So what’s this iPhone like let’s find out the detailed look at the iPhone 10.

Detail Specification of iPhone 10

I’ve been using the iPhone 10 for almost a week now. But when I first unbox the phone it was a rush of excitement. What with everything I’ve seen and heard about it all year long. But nothing could have prepared me for this phone I open the box and sitting there the iPhone 10 looked absolutely stunning.

A device that no picture or video had ever done justice to. Believe me when I say this phone looks a million times better in person than it endures in any video ever.

Display of iPhone X

For sure, iPhone X display is the first thing you’ll see in the new iPhone X and is certainly hard to miss.

Period the design is stunning with a beautiful white glass back a stainless steel frame and that also beautiful display.
The very displays that are marred by a notch on the top. But I’ll get back to that.

iPhone X Display

The all-new display glows into your eyes the instant you pick up the phone. The 5.8-inch OLED screen is, to a certain extent, the greatest thing Apple has ever packed into an iPhone. It is far better than the iPhone 8 for a lot of reasons including the sharpness as well as the excellence.

Well, I must say it is the finest screen on an iPhone thus far, thanks to the clear and lively colors.

iPhone X Design and Build Quality 

Let me told you that the iPhone 10 is fragile to the point of being the most breakable phone ever. It’s not meant to be a strong device and you will have to put a case on it.

The iPhone X comes in two distinct and elegant colors:

  1. A good-looking Silver version with a glossy edge and white rear.
  2. Another equally trendy Space Grey version with a black rear.

Like the iPhone 8 series, you won’t find any gold version at this point.

When talking about build quality, the iPhone X is a footstep above from every single iPhone that heads it. This phone marks an entirely new launch of the Apple itself; it’s the iPhone for the future. Just hold it next to a different handset and feel the world of difference.

Face ID Feature on iPhone X

What I was really interested in was face ID. And whether it works as good as Apple advertised it plus it’s the only biometric authentication available on the iPhone so yeah I set it up the moment I got it.

Setting it up was easy and the haptic feedback the iPhone 10 gives when it completes scan it was very satisfying.

iphone X face ID 3

Together with the absence of Home button, the iPhone X presents the Face ID feature. You don’t have to move the sensor to the back. Whatsoever, you won’t find any Touch ID on this phone. Face ID produces a detailed depth map of your face. As a result, it identifies your 3D image. This turns out to be far more protected than the face recognition of Samsung or LG.

iphone X face ID 2

As soon as you set up the Face ID, a look at the phone would be sufficient to unlock it. Then, just swipe it up to reach the home screen.

Came to the real test on iPhone X Face ID honestly not bad. Sure it’s not nearly as fast as touch ID was but if it’s a question of moving touch ID to the back or removing it completely. I’m sorry but remove it please I can’t stand here mounted fingerprint scanners.

What I love about face ID is that Apple’s implementation is very close to perfect. It unlocks properly even at weird angles and over the period of the last few days I’ve observed that it unlocks seamlessly while I’m pulling the phone out of my jeans pocket.

iPhone X Face ID

Not just that face ID works even in the pitch-black room where it doesn’t work is with twins something you can see in a video on the iPhone X face ID twin test.

Camera Feature of iPhone X

The iPhone X has essentially the similar cameras as the iPhone 8, and the photographs look nearly just the same. The rear of the iPhone X consists of two optically stabilized 12-megapixel cameras:

  1. The first one has a f/1.8 wide-angle lens
  2. The other one has a f/2.4 telephoto

The stabilized telelens is remarkable. The pictures you’d capture would turn out to be the best zoom photos you could have ever taken on a cell phone. And above it’s going to be grand to shoot 6x zoom video in 4K and have it be so sharp and practical.

iPhone X Rear Camera Spec TodaysTechLog

The back cameras permit the Portrait Mode as well. Taking everything into account, it is an outstanding camera. And above it actually comes down to individual penchant and how much you think that zoom lens is worth of.

iPhone X Camera Specs

The front camera on the iPhone X is pretty good True Depth sensors are not a marketing gimmick because the front portrait mode on the iPhone X is impressive.

The front camera does it’s also responsible for Animoji now Animoji is really the definition of a gimmick. but I spent my first day with the iPhone 10 just making an emojis.

iPhone X Camera Spec TodaysTechLog

it’s not just the front camera though the iPhone 10 has a dual rear camera module but Dual OIS this time and a much better telephoto lens than the iPhone 8 plus.

User Interface of iPhone X

There are gestures all across the device and I’m not complaining about most of them swiping up to go home is easy swiping across the bottom bar to switch between apps is more convenient than even androids implementation and swiping down for reachability works great.

It’s mostly the buttons that annoy me now long pressing the Power Button brings up Siri, not the Power menu the Power Menu is accessible by long pressing the Power Button along with the Volume Button.

Performace of iPhone X

I played a lot of games on the iPhone X. Surely because I knew the A11 chip would take it and take it does. AR games like Zombie Gunship no problems casual games like Stockier no issues.

iPhone X A11 Chip

4k HDR video playback sees that where I’m going with this right. The iPhone X is an absolute beast when it comes to performance, however, I did notice that it Heats up quite often and that is something I think will be quite an annoyance in a country like India where the summer gets super hot.

iPhone X Battery Life

After an entire day of using this phone extensively I did charge it for a while but quite a long while actually the iPhone 10 has a decently good enough battery but mana charges slow.

Apple schemed out on the charging and didn’t pack fast charger with the iPhone 10 it’s $1,000 phone Apple get it together and put a damn fast charger in the box.

with the charger Apple does put in the box it took me around 90 minutes to bring the iPhone 10 to just sixty percent of charge. It’s torturously slow.

The iPhone X also supports wireless charging which works fine but I’m not a fan. I prefer using the lightning cable to charge it.

The iPhone X has a lot of new hardware, but it yet runs on iOS 11. However, it does that with some tweaks to navigation to put up with the absence of a home button. Apple has not made any severe changes to the core iOS experience as, of course, the elimination of the home button was sufficient.

iPhone X wireless charging

You won’t have to absorb the entire group of new movements to navigate this phone. However, if you’re purchasing an iPhone X imagining that you’ll experience an essential change to your iPhone experience. Well, you perhaps won’t get it (Except if you actually hate unlocking your cell phone.)

iPhone X iOS Software Detail

The iPhone X has a lot of new hardware, but it yet runs on iOS 11. However, it does that with some tweaks to navigation to put up with the absence of a home button. Apple has not made any severe changes to the core iOS experience. As of course, the elimination of the home button was sufficient.

You won’t have to absorb the entire group of new movements to navigate this phone. However, if you’re purchasing an iPhone X imagining that you’ll experience an essential change to your iPhone experience. Well, you perhaps won’t get it (Except if you actually hate unlocking your cell phone.)

To be very honest iOS 11 isn’t meant for the iPhone 10. It’s meant for a normal 16*9 smartphone like the iPhone 8 or the 8 Plus. On the iPhone X, the iOS 11 experience feels like an afterthought.
like something Apple just quickly built to not be like Google and ship a phone without the OS in it.

Jokes aside iOS 11 on the iPhone X isn’t what I expect from Apple. It’s not simply magic it doesn’t just work and I expect a lot from Apple. And iOS 11 just failed at it.

To conclude I think the iPhone 10 is a great attempt at making an amazing smartphone. But Apple does need to work on it a bit.

iPhone X Pros

The iPhone X is a remarkable blend of handheld ease as well as an enormous and stunning OLED display. Rear telephoto camera outperforms the 8 Plus in dim light. However, the front camera snaps inspiring portrait selfies. And more, the Face ID feature generally works well.

iPhone X Cons

iPhone X Display Notch

Coming back to the notch it’s really something I would like you guys to experience. We have put together this great thing. So you can get a feel of what the not actually feels like on the iPhone X.

Might I just want to ask you guys! To please rotate your phones into landscape mode. Great, Now let’s get not somewhere around here. Yeah, that work.

iPhone X Screen Notch iPhone X Review

The notch isn’t something that’s excusable on this phone. It’s something that’s always there always staring back at you while you use what is otherwise a beautiful device.

The notch can’t be removed from the iPhone X. If there is a silver lining to all of this apart from the frame of the iPhone itself is that not something I got used to in everyday usage.

Making calls sending a text the notch doesn’t come in the way. But watching videos and playing games is not something the iPhone 10 will make you happy with.

Battery Draining in iPhone X

Fun fact the iPhone X has really great optimization but it lost almost 15% of its battery overnight.

Some other Cons in iPhone X

As the iPhone X features an entirely new interface and no home button. That means you’ll have to go through key adjustments. Besides, the important features of the Control Centre are tough to reach and use.

It will take a lot of time for maximum apps to be optimized for the iPhone screen.

The handset is really costly. And the all-glass design refers to the point that a case and an insurance plan are obligations for you.

iPhone X Price

To know price range about iPhone X in different countries click here

Final Word For iPhone X Price and Review

The iPhone X is definitely a massive wager from Apple. But then again, the gamble truly paid off. Dropping the home button and changing the design is certainly a chancy move.

But then again, it was deeply required after years of resemblance. The first-class design, additional power, all-screen front mix, in addition, to produce – thus far – the finest iPhone Apple’s ever manufactured.

It would be impossible to offer an impeccable score to anything with such an exclusive price. But, with conviction, this is the nearest to PERFECTION, Apple has ever acquired.



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