Today we are gonna be talking about the beautiful iPhone 10 or iPhone X knowledge. About how to remove notch from iPhone X, of course, it is not beautiful for everybody and this is the reason why I’m making this article at first place.

Many people don’t like the so-called the bunny ears on the top of the iPhone. There are actually wrapped around the notch of the iPhone 10.

In today’s article, we’re gonna be taking a look at a very easy way how you can remove notch.

So without any further hesitation let’s get started…

There are two different apps on the app store which you need for doing this so let see.

How to Remove Notch on iPhone 10

Two Different Method of Removing Notch on iPhone X

Some people even saying that the notch on the iPhone 10 is like the biggest mistake in the history of mankind or that if you want to get rid of the notch of the iPhone 10 you just need to grab like the iPhone 8 or Note 8 for example.

But this is not something I agree with! First of all, I need to say that I’m a big fan of this type of display. I already got used to it for the days. I was playing around with it and it is it is really great. You know like at the top you have all of the information you need it is really nice in my opinion. But I get it that some people may not like.

It first of all what you need to do in order to remove it is to open up the app store and search for this app which is called Notcho.

remove notch using notcho app

As you can see the notch is already in the title of this app. So this application was only created in order to help you with getting rid of the Dodge. Is that it only creates a wallpaper which basically hides the notch because the bunny ears at the top are just black.

So you cannot see the notch and this can be really useful if you don’t like this type of display.

So let’s open it up! and let’s see what we’ve got here. Let’s pick some of the pictures right in here and as you can see this is how it’s gonna look like. When you take a look at the top there is no space for the cutout. And there is no cutout at all.

Download Notcho App To Remove Notch on iPhone X

It is still there because it is part of the hardware. But you cannot see it because it is black and it goes well with this type of wallpaper. Now all you need to do is like save it to your camera roll.

remove notch using notcho app 2

Agree to access the photos however you will never get rid of this if you get inside of any application.

You can see that it has been implemented into the software and it just always wraps around the display. Maybe in the future one, we’re gonna be able to jailbreak the iPhone 10 maybe we’re gonna be able to use some kind of tweak that’s gonna hide the notch immediately. Like all the time inside of any application.

But for now, running the iOS 11 it will always be there except for being on the home screen or lock screen. Because of the wallpaper of course. But another way it will always be there for me.

As I mentioned it is not a problem because I like it. But I get it that many people simply hate it. Of course, it is a little weird that she doesn’t like something about the iPhone 10 that you just bought. You know that it’s gonna be there. But it is something you know maybe you didn’t realize it and now I just want to get rid of it.

So this is the point of this article I also need to say that when you take a look at the bottom of the screen there is this like watermark of this application which makes it look a little bit ugly on this wallpaper is not the really apparent.

remove notch using notcho app 6

But on some like blank wallpapers or like one color wallpapers. It looks really you know kind of weird, to be honest.

If you don’t like downloading any kind of applications to your device you can always go into the settings and into the wallpaper section and choose pretty much any kind of black wallpapers.

remove notch using notcho app 8

Another Method of Removing The Notch From iPhone X

The controversial notch that everyone’s talking about! Is this interesting is this something you should go and download especially since they’re charging money for the app.

So this is the app right here it’s called Notch Remover get an idea from that image thereof what its gonna look like when you get rid of it starts to look kind of like a Galaxy s8, to be honest.

I’ll show you here how it looks like a couple different wallpapers. So I’ll head over there and open it up. You don’t mean the other guys we’ve looked at it and we’re like you know it doesn’t the iPhone doesn’t look that bad with the black bar at the top.

I could see some people preferring this notch on display. Apple just comes out with a device like iPhone X. I don’t know though maybe there are some notch lovers maybe you’re a notch lover but this app will take your stock wallpaper and throw that notch in there.

remove notch-Notch remover app

Now if you just kind of glance these articles and downloaded the app. You might have thought that the notch was going everywhere. But they’ve just used the kind of weird little hack here. To remove the notch from the phone by attaching it to a wallpaper.

Also just in general the apps kind of not that good like I’m looking at this I’m like okay that looks good safe and then what did it do it saved it.

remove notch Notch remover app 10

Where did it save it what it’s actually doing is saving it to the camera roll. You can select any image what you can’t do is you can’t go to your wallpapers. Download the wallpaper separately but anyway if I go ahead and just select one of these images here and then hit save it now takes this stock iPhone 10 background essentially removes the Notch.

But of course, what it’s really doing is filling in the notch. It’s creating this black outline on each side of the notch. That’s what your stock setup looks like. That’s what your stock setup looks like.

Now if I go to my wallpapers and select the newly created image from the app. You can scale it to the right where you think it fits.

Download Notch Remover App to Remove Notch on iPhone X 

As you see notch does not look. it’s what you’ve always wanted and you think you’re off to the races you think you just bought the greatest app ever if you’re a notch hater.

But then you go and you open an app you open Safari then the notch come screaming back in. This app is really it’s kind of strange.

It’s strange in the sense that it only does the thing it claims to do from within your main phone area here which is I don’t know how frequent you’re there.

The surprising part here is the fact that this app even exists. In Apple’s developer terms for the App Store, your not suppose to download it.

remove notch Notch remover app 11 (1)

So if your thinking to download such app it will be harmful to your phone. One cool aspect though is it kind of does a good job of displaying how great OLED displays are. If I hold this up to Jack over here it’s hard to distinguish where the screen starts and ends and the notch actually is just by filling in the display with black.

But the question is really for you guys what do you think when you see an iPhone like this notch free even though it’s not permanently. Not free but instead just in the background here. Do you kind of wish that Apple made this device.

Like do you wish this is how it looked instead or do you prefer the notch do you think that extra little bit of real estate up there is useful to you or is it aesthetically pleasing.

If this is something you guys are gonna do. Does the notch bother you so much you’re gonna try to eliminate it with this particular app? Are you gonna spend the $0.99.

Notch remover app remove notch

But again, in my opinion, I would save the $0.99 get yourself a coffee strike up a conversation with somebody at the coffee shop and get over the notch you’ll learn to live with it I think.


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