How to Remove Bloatware? People say it’s impossible to love both Android and iOS. But I really do love both platforms. They both have their strengths and they both have their weaknesses. Today I want to address a big weakness on the Android platform which is bloatware.

Now my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+ came with 22 bloat applications. Now, most of these came from the Carrier AT&T. However many came from Samsung itself. Now a lot of people will say it’s not a big deal. Throw them in a folder forget about them.

But the problem is a lot of these applications even though you don’t know it. They are running in the background. Consuming precious resources. Also killing your battery and using location a lot. Which for privacy concerns and for privacy reasons. It’s like something that you don’t really want running on your device.

So today I’m going to show you how to disable these applications using ADB on your computer. Now there are so many applications on the Play Store that claim to disable apps. And some of them do a decent job too. But this is the only foolproof way that I know of without root to be able to disable applications. That is running on your phone in the background.

So I’m going to show you how to do that. So that you can reclaim the power to your phone get rid of those junky apps from your home screen. And furthermore, make sure that your battery and your operating system is as optimized as it can be.

What is Bloatware?

So Bloatware is the kind of software whose usefulness is reduced. Because of the excessive disk space and memory, it requires.

So let’s do it…

Things You Need to Remove Bloatware

So for this tutorial, you need four things which are:

  1. An Android phone with bloatware
  2. A computer running Mac OS 10 or Windows
  3. You need USB debugging enabled on your smartphone
  4. ADB driver installed on your computer

Now if those last two things didn’t make any sense. So don’t worry we’re going to talk about it.

Now if you don’t know what USB debugging mode is yet. Let’s talk about it…

What is USB Debugging Mode?

USB debugging is an option on your device which simply allows your computer to make modifications to your phone.

So to enable it to follow this steps below:

Enter the Setting option on your Android device.

remove bloatware 1

Scroll over or scroll down typically to about device

remove bloatware 2

Now once you’ve entered About the Device.

All you need to do is find the section that says Build Number.

remove bloatware 3

You’ll press Build Number several times until it says Developer Mode has been turned on.

remove bloatware 3

It may also say you are now a Developer.

Go back to the previous menu and you’ll see that Developer Option is now a new selection.

remove bloatware devoloper option 5-min

So enter developer options turn them on you may have to Accept an agreement Press Ok.

remove bloatware devoloper option 6-min

Then press USB debugging you’ll then press ok now we’re able to connect our phone to our computer.

Remove Bloatware From Android Without Root

So now we’re going to get the Android debug bridge running and like I mentioned this is the method. By which we can access and make modifications to our phones from our computer.

So it would make sense logically that you need to plug your phone in via USB to your computer. So if you haven’t done so do so now.

You’ll then need to download two little applications in the which are Debloater and Android Zip.

The Debloater app which actually removes all the junk. Which we’ll get to later.

Then there is a file called android zip download that Android zip package.

Open the Android folder and inside you’ll see that there’s a little file called ADB. This is the actual Android debug bridge. Now it doesn’t run like a traditional application.

remove bloatware devoloper option 9-min

So we’re going to need to open terminal now you can do so by opening it through spotlight and or you can find it in your Applications folder under the utility section.


Once you open terminal you’ll see that it’s a very plain window and all you have to do is take this little ADB file and drag it into the window this will write out the path to the file.

remove bloatware devoloper option 10-min

So once you’ve done that you need to type out the word devices. Not only will this start the Android debug bridge but it will actually search for your phone that’s plugged into your computer.

remove bloatware devoloper option 13-min

Now, mine says device but it’s more than likely that yours will say unauthorized.

That’s because the bridge is running and it’s asking permission to access your phone. So if you look at your phone screen right now. You’ll see that it has this little pop-up and you need to allow the connection to go through. Then you also need to remember the selections that it will continue on in the future.

Once you’ve done that ADB is up and running and we are ready to move to unblocker.

Installing ADB for Windows users is very very easy. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge and is the method by which we can access and make modifications to our phone from our computer.

So you’ll need to download the ADB for windows and once you download that you’ll need to run the executable file.

remove bloatware devoloper option 14-min

You’ll need to select Yes and then once it pops open you’ll see “Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot?” type Y for yes then yes for “Installing ADB system wide?”

remove bloatware devoloper option 15-min

You’ll see that it says install system-wide complete and then you’ll also want to install the drivers as well.

remove bloatware devoloper option 15.1-min

You’ll see that this window pops up you select next then finish and then you’re all done.

So this last part is the same if you’re on Mac or PC it totally doesn’t matter.

How to Use Debloater Application to Remove Bloatware?

All you need to do is open the Debloater application with your phone plugged in and everything will get set up.

remove bloatware devoloper option 17-min

Now I’m going to get an error that tells me that not all packages can be removed and this is because I’m using a Samsung phone.

remove bloatware devoloper option 18-min

So they can’t be blocked in the sense that they can be completely disabled and removed. However, I can disable them for the most part and hide the packages from my home screen.

Depending on your phone you may be able to remove them completely or some simply disable them.

So what we’re going to do is click Read Device Packages and it is going to read literally every package that’s installed on my phone and these can be kind of divided up into three separate categories.

remove bloatware devoloper option 19-min

You have applications for copy and mint and Instagram these are applications that I have installed on the Google Play Store.

remove bloatware devoloper option 20-min

Now there are other applications like Samsung and Samsung accessory these are part of the operating system they are crucial that they stay there we cannot and we should not remove them.

However, there are many like the ones that end in ATT that come from my career which are installed by ATT and I don’t want those ones on my device those are the bloat apps that I want to get rid.

Now the best way to determine what apps to get rid of and how to get rid of them is by opening your app launcher.

So we’ll see initially up here that a TNT live is available on my home screen well I don’t want AT&T live so all I have to do is click the filter button and it turns into a search bar.

I can search ATT which basically includes all of the packages that are part of my career. -Remove Bloatware

Now you do have to be a little careful because there are some that you will not want to disable. However, this Amazon app that is installed by AT&T is old it doesn’t work and I don’t like it I want the real Amazon. So I’m going to uninstall this and I can see it there on my home screen is one that I want to be able to disable.  -Remove Bloatware

So I can also look at the other selections that we have here let’s go to so Knox security, for example, this is one that you don’t want to disable. Now you may not have this one but the general rule of thumb is if you can see it on your app launcher it’s safe to remove.

remove bloatware devoloper option 21-min

But if you can’t see it don’t remove it. Now the good thing is if you do happen to disable or uninstall something that actually ends up breaking your operating system which may happen. You can plug your phone right back in you can reopen this application and then you can re-enable it and it’s not a problem at all. – Remove Bloatware

Now I have to do is check it and then I can press apply and this will remove all of the packages that I’ve installed and you can see on my home screen now that that Best Buy app just disappeared.

So this is the way to remove bloatware applications from your phone. It’s a little bit tricky you do have to kind of pick through and see which ones are the ones that are kind of taking up space on your home screen. – Remove Bloatware

Now the good thing is if you read packages again you have to do that every time you make modifications by the way. You can click that filter button and search exactly for the app that you’re able to see in your clear vision. which makes it really really easy and much much nicer to be able to remove packages.

remove bloatware devoloper option 22-min

And worse thing comes to worst you accidentally disable the wrong package things are a little wonky for a minute. You plug it right back into your computer re-enable the package and you’re set and ready to go.

remove bloatware devoloper option 23-min

If you totally screwed everything up and you don’t know which package is disabled and which one is not. All you have to do is unblock all packages and then you can press Apply and it will remove everything back to stock and make everything visible once again.

But again that’s not something I would recommend unless you absolutely need to do it.

So that’s how to use Debloater. I know there are other ways to do this through the Android Play Store. But in my experience, they don’t work as good or as effectively or still continue running in the background. But again with the Debloater application, they stay disabled permanently thank you so much. So Remove Bloatware using this trick.

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