Hello guys, today I’m going to write an article about How to Make Online Shopping Safe. So the holiday season is one of the busiest online shopping times of the year. And ‘s also one of the most dangerous to your financial security. Because online criminals are full in force during the holidays.

Now I have I have eight tips to show you how to stay safe while online shopping this holiday season.

So by following these tips will help you keep your identity and your financial accounts safe from scammers and from prying eyes.

Make Online Shopping Safe

Do Use Your Smartphone to Make Purchases Online for Making Online Shopping Safe

Do use your smartphone to make purchases online I know I do. Watch your smartphone carefully before you hand it off to a friend or family member or stranger. Ensure that you’re logged out of every program and website. You know it’s easy for someone to steal your identity online by using logged in credentials on a smartphone.

You may want to set up and download apps that lock your phone. If it’s lost or stolen these apps can prevent thieves from stealing your information.

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Use Mobile Antivirus Software

Search your app store for security apps designed for your phone. I have a McAfee.

What has Logged in Credentials?

Login Credentials is one of three types of Identity Data. Login Credentials to a Managed System usually consist of a User ID and password. Identification may also use a PKI certificate, and Authentication may use Tokens or biometrics or a set of personal questions that the user must answer.

Ignore Fake Shopping Websites and Emails to Make Online Shopping Safe

Watch out for fake shopping websites and emails. Now fake websites and emails can steal your personal information. Before you even realize that the website isn’t real. I know one of them in particular that a lot of people target PayPal and I will let you know one of those scammed emails saying you need to update your account and that is a true sign that you know it they’re not real.

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See The Site Is Secured or Not

You can even go up there to the little address bar and you’ll see some weird letters some weird numbers that’s that’s a true tale that they are just scamming for your login information so that they can get into it.

Now verify every website you use to do your online shopping be careful. Before you click any links in your email these may be scams. They created to harvest your personal data and then they can take that personal data and go try to log into things with it. To ensure the websites you use are secure and have security certificates that are up-to-date.

A lot of times your browser or your operating system on your computer will let you know if the if it’s not secure.

PayPal is another way that you could shop while protecting your information. When that option is offered all you need is to log into PayPal and then PayPal actually pays that store or that merchant for you.

The store never actually sees your banking information. So that’s that’s a really good tip to use is if possible use PayPal.

Pay Attention to Your Accounts

Pay attention to your accounts to make online shopping safe. Identity thieves have learned that they can make smaller transactions online and not those don’t get noticed. So when those small transactions verify that your accounts are active then they can go back in and charge a bigger amount.

So keep an eye out for your accounts. If you see any transactions that you don’t recognize. Do call your bank or the merchant that holds the account immediately.

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Pay Attention to Transaction| Use Internet Banking Or SMS Banking

What Happened To Me

I tell you what happened to me a few years ago my brother was hospitalized and while I was in the waiting room I was checking my email and I have a debit card with PayPal. I have seen PayPal email me every single time that one of our cards is used. Well, my brother’s card was authorized for a Walmart in the USA for a purchase. But we were in India. So I immediately called PayPal and they shut the card down and they also credited me back to purchase. The best thing about PayPal debit card which I love some of my favorite cards is that the card is attached to my bank account.

But it’s got that extra step in there. So whenever I go to the store pay something online and I use my PayPal debit card it will start the process through PayPal.

But it lingers and it takes a few days before it can attack your bank account. so it also gives me those few days to and then that email that they send me to make sure that you know it was something that I purchased that time.  It has happened because they were very small purchases made at a Walmart.

At this time I was luckily saved.

So people out there that are creating credit cards and then testing them out at stores for small amounts to see if the credit card is valid if it really does link up to a bank account. So make sure that you check your online purchases.

Avoid Public Computers and Networks to Make Online Shopping Safe

Now it’s safer to shop online during the holidays at home on your personal devices. You may not be able to tell if a public computer or network has been hacked by identity thieves.

They may have set up keylogging software that can capture every bit of information that you type.

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Don’t Allow Free WiFi and Public Computers

They may also have infected the machines with malware or viruses to steal your data. So like whenever I go out I don’t usually use the McDonald’s Wi-Fi and the mall Wi-Fi I just use my data.

Because I know my data is protected. That way if I am using it and typing any kind of passwords or anything that I don’t want to be out there. I’d rather run my data up and they steal my information.

Avoid Using Your Debit Card for Online Purchase

Avoid using your debit card it’s safer to use a credit card for shopping online. Because credit cards have stronger safety and the consumer protection measures than debit cards do.

If a thief gets your debit card number then they can drain your bank account within minutes. Yet it can take days or weeks or even a month for your bank to replace your lost funds that way.

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Use Credit Card If You Have

On the other hand with a credit card, they run up your balances. But the fraudulent charges are taken off again. When you report them right away. And that is another reason why I use the PayPal. I actually do use it as a credit and then I have that extra step in there before it hits my bank.

Read Privacy Policies

Pay attention to privacy policies because legitimate websites have privacy policies that state that they protect your financial information.

If you’re using a website to shop during the holidays and don’t see any type of privacy policy then that might be a sign of a scam.

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Read All Privacy Policy Terms of Use and FAQ

Now there are some small business owners that may not have one. But if we’re talking a big thing like you know you’re shopping for Big Brands or expensive or imported items and you to know make sure that it shows a privacy policy on that site.

Then you’ll know that if it’s a duplicated type of website you’re on. And just like credit cards, people can try to duplicate websites too and they’ll look just like the real ones.

Print Your Online Receipts

Print your online receipts or save them. Saving all your receipts enables you to keep track of your purchases. You could compare these receipts to any charges that you don’t recognize on your accounts.

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Print Receipt of Every Transaction

Be Careful on Social Media

All your social media friends may share amazing deals during the holiday shopping season. It’s smart to check these deals out ahead of time with your friends. To ensure that they really recommend you.

Social media network are also vulnerable to identity thieves. But luckily am not. But I know so many of my friends that have.

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Usually, I’ll get that duplicated friend request. So I always go check with them first on the other account that I have. And I’ll just say hey dude did you just start up a new account? Is if not you know someone else did.

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So these are the that you should follow while making Online Shopping safe.

So how to stay safe while shopping online? Now you’ll be able to protect your finances and your identity at the same time. So that you can enjoy the holiday season hope these tips helped you out.



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