iOS has never been a very open operating system. iPhone users have always had to live inside Apple’s walled garden. However, the jailbreaking iOS can give you access to a number of jailbreak tweak and apps that can change the way you use your iOS devices.

Hey, guys, today let’s talk about the best iOS 10 jailbreak tweak which I personally saw very useful. We will cover tweaks for everything in this article. From customization to getting a 3D touch on your old iPhone. Yeah, you heard that right.

So let’s jump right in… Jailbreak App and Jailbreak Tweak for your iOS device.

3D Touch Jailbreak Tweak 

If you are using an iPhone older than the 6s you’ve been missing out on 3D touch and everything it offers. 3D touch brings some really great shortcut and quick actions on an iPhone. Unfortunately, all of these are only available on the iPhone 6s and above.

peek a boo jailbreak tweak cydia

But that’s not why I’m talking about 3D touch. Turns out with a simple to use a jailbreak tweak called Peek-A-Boo using this tweak you can get the 3D touch on older iPhones as well.

Which is how I got the 3D touch on this iPhone 6. Unlike iPhone 6s and above you won’t get a Haptic feedback on older iPhones but the feature works nonetheless.

Get App Lock Features On Your iOS Device

iPhones have a lot of things going for them but they don’t offer the user control over a lot of things that they really should. For example, there is no way to lock apps in iOS. I’m sure Apple had a good reason for this but it really does not matter.

iprotect jailbreak tweak on cydia

If you need to lock apps on the iPhone you can do this with the iProtect jailbreak tweak. You can set a password and use Touch ID to unlock the apps every time they are launched. You can also prevent the apps are being deleted by keeping them protected with your Touch ID.

Customize Your Notifications Center On Your iOS

One thing almost every iPhone user hate is the notifications in iOS. The Notification Center doesn’t bundle notification and ends up looking very cluttered very easily. If you like notifications on iOS great. But if you don’t! You can use the jailbreak tweak Unify to get bundle notifications on your iPhone.

unify jailbreak tweak on cydia

Unify offers a lot of customization in the way iOS displays notification. You can group notifications by apps like in Android or by time. However, unlike Android notifications, you still won’t be able to swipe up or down to expand or contract the notifications. You can, however, enable chaining. It’s still not as good as the notifications on Android but it will do.

Get Dark Mode Feature On Your iOS

This is something everyone has been asking Apple to implement for a long time. But while Apple does not have a dark mode begun to iOS. Jailbroken users can easily get it working on their iPhones. With the tweak called Eclipse 4.

Eclips 4 jailbreak tweak on cydia

You can get a system by dark mode on your iPhone. The tweak gives you control over every aspect of the iPhones color theme. You can choose custom themes and enable dark mode for specific applications as well.

Remove Volume Overlay In Your iOS

I am sure you’ll all agree that the way iOS displays changes in volume is just horrible. We don’t need a big obtrusive box on an iPhone screen to inform us about the change in volume. I don’t know why Apple refuses to do anything about it. Thankfully with Status Vol X you can get read of that volume overlay and move the volume display to the center of the status bar instead.

status vol x jailbreak tweak on cydia

To be honest it doesn’t even look that good. But I hate the default overlay so much Status Vol X is a boon to me.

Use Apps In Windowed Mode

One of the coolest things you can do on a jailbroken iPhone is run multiple apps in windowed mode. With each app in a separate control center page. With the App Center Tweak, you can launch apps inside the control center and swipe between them seamlessly. You can adjust the size of the windows to suit your liking and the apps work perfectly fine.

app center jailbreak tweak

If you’re more interested in split-screen multitasking like in Android devices there are sleek for that too. But I don’t think split-screen multitasking is really useful in phones. It’s totally up to you though.

Creating Custom Gestures In Your iOS

How cool would it be to navigate your iPhones with multi-touch gestures? Well with the Activator app you can do that and a lot more. Activator lets you assign functions to specific button presses, gestures and more. You can even create custom menus on your iPhone and activate them on specific gestures.

activator jailbreak tweak cydia

Activator gestures can be localized to specific apps or they can be global gestures that work throughout iOS. So you can set a gesture like a three finger spread to go directly to the home screen. Activator is a very powerful application and can completely change the way you interact with your iPhone.

Get Message Heads On Your iOS Device

If you’re a fan of the chatted feature that Facebook Messenger comes with on Android devices. You’ll be happy to know that it’s available on iOS as well. You can simply download the Message Heads tweak to enable message head for messages and Whatsapp.

message heads jailbreak tweak on cydia

Hydraulically Message Heads does not support Facebook Messenger. At least not yet. You can directly reply from the chat that pops up on tapping on Message Heads which is definitely a useful feature.

Customize Control Center

Honestly, I don’t really mind the iOS in Control Center but a lot of people do. And for them, Flip Control Center can come in handy. The Flip Control Center Tweak will allow you to customize the control center by adding removing and editing the buttons in the control center.

flip control jailbreak tweak on cydia

So you can easily remove buttons from things you’ve barely used like a Night Shift. And add buttons for things you can actually use like Low Power Mode, Personal Hotspot and more. You can also change the apps in the bottom of the Control Center or add more apps to it.

Picture-in-Picture Mode Function In iOS

This is a simple yet appealing jailbreak tweak. With the Force In Picture tweak, you can watch videos from almost any popular website in picture-in-picture mode on your iPhone. Once you’ve installed the tweak just open whatever video you’re watching and then tap the picture-in-picture button. Then you can press the home button to go back to home and do whatever you want.

force in picture jailbreak tweak on cydia

While the video plays in a window on your screen. You can resize this and move it around as needed. If you want to stop picture-in-picture modes just tap on the cross button. This is a tweak that users of the larger plus models of the iPhones will find useful.

Restart and Respring Options In Power Menu

One of the things I don’t like about iOS is the Power Menu. You pressing and hold on Sleep button and you’re given just one option — Power Off. That’s bad because people usually just want to restart or respring their iPhones.

power down jailbreak tweak on cydia 2

Well with the Power Down tweak you will get the options to restart your iPhone, respring it and even boot it into safe mode and yes power off obviously.

Merge Control Center On One Page

Coming back to the control center iOS 10 split the control center from iOS 9 into two separate pages. Three if you’re using apple home kit accessories with your iPhone. Again I personally like the change but if you don’t.

Horseshoe jailbreak tweak on cydia 2

You can use the Horseshoe tweak to easily merge these pages into one page. Like it was back in iOS 9. There is not much to do just install Horseshoe from Cydia and it will automatically merge the pages into one single control center page. Since we have absent install it will still have its own page.

Customize Your Home Screen In iOS

If customization is your thing you can’t go wrong with Anemone. This jailbreak tweak app brings quite a lot of simple to use customization options. You can add reflections to the iPhone dock, remove labels from icons or remove the doc plain completely. You can also add blurred doc reflections and more with Anemone.

anemone jailbreak tweak on cydia

The app is easy to use. However, do keep in mind that you will have to respring your iPhone to see the changes. Thankfully Power-Down can help you with that.

Record Your iPhone Screen Without Using Mac

Recording the screen of an iOS device is no easy task. You need to connect your iPhone to a Mac and use QuickTime to record the screen. However, if you’re jailbroken you can simply install the CC Recorder tweak.

This will put a recording button on your control center. Just tap on this and your iPhone screen will start being recorded. When you’re done recording just tap on the CC Recorder icon and the screen recording will be saved in the Photos app.

cc recorder jailbreak tweak on cydia

CC Recorder shows up as a free app in Cydia but immediately asks for a 99-cent purchase upon being installed. Without this purchase, you can’t use the CC Recorder tweak.

Change The Speed Of iOS UI Animations

If you like me you probably annoyed by these slow animations that iOS users. Yeah, these animations make it look more appealing but at the end of the day, they are unnecessarily slow. Fortunately, with No Slow Animations, we can increase the animation speeds in iOS making your device feel a lot snappier. Similar to the Animation Scale Settings found in Android Developer Options.

No Slow Animations jailbreak tweak on cydia

No Slow Animations also allows you to change the speeds of animations in iOS. keep in mind that you’ll have to respring your iPhone before the changes will take effect.


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