Hey, guys, what’s up I’m Akshay from TodaysTechLog. In this article, I’m going to show you five different easy ways to download YouTube videos on Mac or windows too. So you can look for the five different ways on your screen right now.

But without going further to know the best way to download YouTube videos. I really need to clarify some important things about how to legally download YouTube videos.

How to Legally Download YouTube Videos

Downloading other people’s content from YouTube can be a pretty hairy situation on both ethically and legally. Today, let’s talk about the situations in which you can legally download videos from YouTube.

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So guys sometimes in the process of doing that, making your own content, you see a clip on YouTube. You really want to use in one of your own videos, and you really want to download. Or maybe you just want to download it. So you can watch it offline whether you’re on the bus or the gym or something like that. When can you do this?

YouTube’s Terms of Service

Well, first of all, let’s go to YouTube’s terms of service. And there are two parts in there that says this.

Section 4 C– You agree to not access content through any technology or means other than the video playback pages of the service itself, the embeddable player or other explicitly authorized means that YouTube may designate.

Youtube Terms no 4 C How to Legally Download YouTube Videos
YouTube Terms No 4 C| How to Legally Download YouTube Videos

And then down scrolling to Section 5 B – Content is provided to you as is. You may access content for your information and personal use solely as intended through the provided functionality of the service and as permitted under these terms of service. You shall not download any content unless you see a download or similar link displayed by YouTube on the service for that content.

Youtube Terms no 5 B How to Legally Download YouTube Videos
YouTube Terms no 5 B| How to Legally Download YouTube Videos

Read all YouTube Terms of Services

Downloading Youtube Video is Really Illegal or Not?

So, according to YouTube’s terms of service, you may not download any other content from the platform really for any use whatsoever.

Now doing so though, doesn’t make it illegal, it just means that Google has the right to terminate your account. If they catch you doing it and feel like that’s necessary to do.

However, it is illegal for reasons bigger than Google really. It’s because you are downloading someone else’s copyrighted content without a license to use that content in an explicit way.

The creator owns that content and gives a license to YouTube to host and distribute that content. But that does not mean that the creator has given you a license to do the same.

Now in the U.S., there are situations that are clearly fair use. Usage of other people’s content, and under those situations, that might be an exception. You can have and use that content without the original creator’ permission.

But generally speaking, if that’s not the case, then you are stealing the content.

But I think we can all generally agree with creators. That it hurts creators and the platform as a whole when people do this. There is one situation where any of us though, can absolutely legally download videos and watch them offline.

So let’s get started….

The first one is using Keepvid website. The second one using the SS web handler. The third one using the YTD YouTube Downloader. Fourth is using the Google Chrome Extension. Fifth using Firefox web-browser Add-on so let’s get started and I’ll show you each wave one by one.

Keepvid Website

well just open the video which is one of the unload and go to the URL bar. At the top of the window copy the URL and then open a new tab. Go to “keepvid.com” and you’ll see this website now.

Keepvid is the Best Website for Downloading YouTube Videos

How to Use Keepvid website to Download Youtube Videos

In the Tab bar in the next bar just paste the URL that you just copied and click on the download button. Right load your Java applet and in just 10 to 15 seconds. It will show you the various formats available and various qualities like 240p 360p etc.. Various formats and before and for a WebM FLV etc… So let’s just download the Full HD.

Download YouTube Videos directly from Keepvid Website

SS Web Handler Trick to Download YouTube Videos

Now the second way is using the SS web handler. So again go back to the video you want to download.

Go to the URL bar and in this edit the URL just before YouTube and add small “ss” like this just before youtube.com between www.youtube.com. Click on enter click on proceed anyway it’s not a half a website.


So it will open this website savefrom.net and just paste the URL feed that it will by default paste the URL of your video.

Not just you have to click on the download button and again wait for it to load the various formats and default ease of videos it takes approximately 10 to 15 seconds answer here are videos you can click on more to get more formats.

YTD YouTube Downloader

YTD YouTube downloader is so easy to download any YouTube video. Just select the URL once again you can download YouTube videos YTD YouTube downloader for free.

YTD YouTube Downloader| Best Software for Downloading YouTube Videos

You can also try the pro version the pro version has some additional features like conversion feature.

downloading in Full HD. So just paste your URL here and choose the download quality. You’ll get your various formats with various qualities there choose anyone which you want and then choose the download location where you want to store your video.

Best Software for Downloading YouTube Videos| YTD YouTube Downloader

You also have the feature of automatically converting your video to another format like iPad iPod iPhone and other devices share various options here for converting your video directly after downloading it through this downloader.

Choose your conversion quality high/low depending on what you want and just click on the download button your download will start downloading.

Easy Video Downloader Express Google Chrome Extension

Now the fourth way is using the using one of the extensions for Google Chrome so just go through the Google Chrome Web Store and search for video search of Easy video downloader and click on search now when you scroll down to the bottom you’ll find this one Easy Video Downloader Express.

Easy Video Downloader Express| Best Chrome Extension For YouTube Videos Download

So you just gonna need to install it on your Google Chrome just click on free and add and we had a few seconds. Try downloading our video so again go back to YouTube search for the video which you want to download open that video. When you click on that you’ll get the various options available for downloading your video just choose anyone which you want.

Easy Video Downloader Express| The Best Way to Download Youtube Videos Using Chrome Extension

Let’s choose anyone like mp4 720 p and you can see the download starting here.

Video Download Helper Firefox Web Browser Addon

On the fifth and the last way is using the Firefox web browser so in Firefox you got to go to settings and add-ons now in the search bar search for Video DownloadHelper.

Video DownloadHelper best way to download youtube videos 2
Video DownloadHelper| Best Videos Downloading Add-on Firefox Web Browser

video download helper and search and then click on available add-ons and the first one Video DownloadHelper version 4.9. Just install that you can see the logo there three balls.

Let’s go again restart the Firefox and go to youtube and again search for the video which you want to download.

Open it and here in the top bar, you can see the three balls icon here this is the install I cannot be done with you download helper.

Video DownloadHelper best way to download youtube videos 3
Video DownloadHelper| Best Way To Download Youtube Videos

Now click on the arrow just next to it and you can see the various qualities available here. On the side here you have various options to download it. Download and convert it or just copy the URL you can also directly download and convert it.

Also to any format you want I am just gonna download it. So we can see that the download has started to take some time depending on your internet speed.




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