Hi, this is Akshay from Today’sTechLog and today we are discussing on Best Coding Software for Beginners. Learn which coding editors or text editors being used for coding stuff. As sometimes are called. So when you’re going to start programming or developing something in a certain programming language. You get some something or an application to write the code. You’re going to use in your creation.

So let’s imagine you’re going to create a website so you normally would have either an IDE or a cold editor.

Let me explain what an IDE is an IDE is an integrated development environment which includes not only a code editor. But also it includes some utilities such as library installers file, tree viewers.

You could also have a terminal window in the in one of the panels owed. So much functionality that you can use. It also provides autocompletion suggestions and just an infinite number of things that you may don’t need. If you’re in a rush or you’re just starting to program.

So let’s explore code editors…

Atom Coding Software

Use for first code editor that I’m going to show you is called atom which is my favorite by far.
So this is the URL that you have to go to get atom.

This editor was created by the folks at Github. It an open source you can download it for any platform Linux Mac OS Windows.

So things I am using Linux the limit Eric always. I can go ahead and lock a dollar 30 stud web file. Which is an application installer if your Windows or going to be an X or if your Mac it can be a package or a dmg file. I don’t know since I haven’t used Mac.

So this is how the editor looks like and I have it installed on my computer.

So I can create a new file and start programming our when you see it has many programming languages I can select from.

For example, this bar keyword is compatible with C char and JavaScript.
So when you save the file with an extension it will automatically detect the testing text that it’s going to use. Provides a settings bundle that you can use to install packages from.

Like I have some packages already installed. It has file icons has a linter which is a name styled checker. If you screw something in your code it will advise you.

For example, if you are missing semicolons or you don’t provide a space after parentheses something like that.
It also has a mini-map which is it’s just a visual representation of all your code for easy navigation.

Features of Atom Code Editor

It has a command window that you can use a lot of comments. Quick access you can also find and replace.
Also, options to install themes, change the color scheme, also have this file explorer for easy access.

Sublime Text Editor or Coding Software

Sublime Text has two versions it has 2.0 and 3.0 which is in I think it’s in beta as of now. So you just click on the download or you can go ahead and download sublime text 3. If you want a version number 3.

It’s also cross-platform support for 64-bit and 32 bits. It’s similar to add-on. But it runs so much faster since it’s running python.

Then you can see is lightweight it also has a file explorer syntax highlighting.
It provides color schemes, steams also find and replace and some much other tools. You can install a lot of packages.

I think the Sublime Text community is one of the largest with the most packages. It has an infinite number of packages that you can install to growl. The functionality of this color of this amazing code editor.

So this is a must-have for most developers.

Visual Studio Coding Software

I also know Visual Studio. This was made by the Microsoft team and it’s also fast. It’s integrated with c-sharp and other languages.

It has intelligence debugging you can run it and it’s also clock cross-platform.

This is a relatively new editor. So you can download it for free or you could go ahead and download this IDE called Visual Studio community or the pro Enterprise editions which are expensive.

But this is the free version of Visual Studio that you can use. If you’re a beginner or you don’t need much functionality from Visual Studio.

This is a complete suite of programming languages such as C sharp C++ Java in others.

Brackets Coding Software

There’s another code editor that’s nice it’s called brackets. You can go ahead and download it. It’s also cross-platform open-source.

So open source means that you can download your own version of Brackets. The source code you can modify it. You can create your own features and then use it.

So it’s a hackable editor one of the features that the users most cherish is the live preview one.

When you click on this lighting button it’s going to create a web server and you can use the stuff like a live preview. So when you make a change in the code it will refresh in the browser.

But the rest is useless the other editors that I have shown you. Which are packages syntax highlighting the file explorer, find the replace and some editors are unique on their own. If they have stuff that differentiates themselves from the rest.

So I invite you to explore them all.

Don’t worry just one editor you can try a lot whatever suits you is okay.

PhpStorm Coding Software

I also know some IDE’s like where PhpStorm, WebStorm, and PyCharm. Part of the JetRanks company. These are IDE’s they’re not free. You can in the select free 30-day trial.

This is for PHP development it has many features that you can read here. This company also makes the charm for Python developers.

If you’re a student you can get it for free. I think for a year and it can be installed in Linux Mac OS and Windows as well.

It also provides WebStorm which is one of my favorite IDE. It’s very heavy so if you have a powerful machine it can handle it very peacefully.

Also, I know some other editors that are famous and pretty old but stable.

Notepad Plus Plus (Notepad ++)

So Notepad Plus Plus is one of them. This is very simple and straightforward yet so powerful.
You can read about the features here and it’s also cross-platform waiting.

So you go ahead and download it.

Aptana Studio Coding Software

You can also use levy Thor called to let the thing patagia the Aptana studio.
historic resolution ide after the studio so this is for example like WebStorm but it has to get some features.
it’s also I think it’s free cross-platform it’s for Mac OS Linux and Windows.

Eclipse Coding Software

there’s also an IDE for Java called NetBeans. For Java you also have JetBrains and I think it’s called Eclipse. Eclipse is for Java but I think it can it can be used for HTML C++ PHP too. But if you are a Java developer you will want to install NetBeans or Eclipse.

It’s also free so you can download it. It’s a nice IDE for Java developers or some other programming languages.

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So let’s talk about common line editors.

So imagine you have a list SH server. You access for example I am accessing a beautiful private server that I have hosted in the digital ocean.

The maxing via SSH and I can use. For example: If I want to edit the app.js file, I can go instead of downloaded. I can just go ahead and type nano app.js.

So Nano is an editor that includes in the terminal for Linux versions and Mac OS versions.

Here it is it’s the call some syntax is highlighted. I don’t think JavaScript it’s highlighted by default.
I think you can activate it ‘s very simple. You can move with the mouse. I’m aiming you can so. You can use the scroll wheel the mouse. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Also can use ctrl or CMD o to save the file or X for exiting or these other options.

you can also use beam so I really don’t know how to use beam yet it’s a extremely powerful tool you can go ahead and install it if you’re on Linux or Mac probably you already have it installed if you type V or vim if not you can go ahead and download it but it will take a lot to learn and become proficient with this top so if you ever if you’re ever stuck in this editor and you’ll know how to exit this type: q bang and then hit enter so these are the two main editors there’s

another one called Emacs which I also don’t know how to use yet same Sam I’m a beginner so this one is also a cool editor you can use in the terminal and space max which is a community-driven anoxic solution.

So these are common line editors.

Final Words on Coding Software

If you’re not ready to use the common line yet use ignore this. I think those are the code editors that I know of I’m sure there is a lotta a lot of other incredible code editors.

So you can go ahead and try em all then just stick with use one you find the one that Suites your necessities.

The most ignore all the code editor worse or the people that say oh well real men are those who use Emacs is the one.

I don’t know you can use whatever you want.

Whatever it’s Swiss this which you are it gets the pink stone in the project that you’re working on. For example Atom it’s great for me because it’s straightforward. I love how it looks it has a lot of packages and it is comfortable to use. Sublime text is fast it has a lot of packages turn and I just like how easy it is to use.


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