10 Best Casual Game on Android. The most fun games can get boring after a while. Well, it’s the same with me. I was bored of the same old games I was playing and that’s when I started looking for some new fresh games.

Well, I have discovered some great Android games that you are going to love. Games at a lightweight so it won’t out on your phone and games that are casual so you can just play in the labs.

I’m not including the popular games because chances are you’ve already played them.

10 Lightweight and Casual Game for Android

Vista Golf

Vista Golf as the name suggests is a mini-golf game that is a lot of fun. Frankly, I have no idea about golf. So forgive me if I get a few terms wrong but Vista Golf is one game that you love even if you have no idea about Golf. The game features various courses that are top and Aylin like structure. But you have to use the simple drag and shoot controls to get the ball in the hole.

The game might seem simple at first. But the courses start getting tough as you progress but never once does the game get boring. Plus there are competitive modes as well as an infinite mode to make sure you remain engrossed.

The simple controls are the very intuitive and beautiful courses and the innovative camera angles make the game a must play.

vista golf casual game


Who hasn’t played subway surfers right? So how about a game that mixes subway surfers with some good gun action. This is what Run & Gun BANDITOS is all about.

Run & Gun is an endless runner. Where you run to collect all the gold that’s been stolen from you. On the run, you’ll find various enemies that you’ll have to shoot. The quick go the longer you wait more the chances of you getting shot.

Then there are fun upgrades like explosive bullets which causes the car to drop a chest of coins. Short fuse to drop a dynamite explosion on your enemies.

Well, I certainly like the gunslinging unless runner that is running gun right out.

run and gun banditos casual game


Noir is another casual game that you like instantly. The cute graphics and intuitive gameplay make this platformer addictive. The game requires you to stick and slide and clouds and jump from one cloud to another to catch all the white balls and make it to the exit. Sounds simple right! Well, the game does get tough as you progress. But then you would have been already addicted.

The controls take some time getting used to but once you do Noir is a lot of fun. There are more than 90 levels and all the levels are short. Which is something a lot of people look for in a casual game!

Racey Rocket

Next up is Racey Rocket which is a new game that requires you to control a high-speed rocket and guide it to the exit point. You need to aim the Rockets towards blue bars to boost them in a direction purple bars to bounce them. That bars are something you need to be very off.

The objective of the game is to make sure the rocket reaches the finish line as soon as possible. Now all of this seems simple but the rocket here is way too fast.

But as part of the fun because when you stop the rocket it treats a slow-mo vibe which is really really cool. 

racey rocket casual game

Stack (Most Casual Game)

Now Stack is a fairly popular game but I had never heard it. So I figured there would be many like me who might not have heard about this game. The Stack is like Jenga but a lot more fun.

The game requires it to Stack bricks on top of each other as high as you can. The more you stack them properly the more you’ll score and the more you stack them in the non-aligned forum the margin of error becomes lesser.

The graphics are sweet and the way these blocks fall off if not properly aligned brings a certain amount of satisfaction. Are these simple things you know!

stack casual game

Slayaway Camp

I’m not a fan of the hack-and-slash game but boy I am a big big fan of Slayaway Camp don’t worry it’s not really as gory as the hack-and-slash games you see on PC or consoles.

It’s a puzzle game which is a comic or 80s horror slasher movies with colorful voxel graphics great music and some great kill scenes.

In the game, you play skull face. A psycho slasher mental slaughtering campus and while slaughtering seems pretty easy, you have to stay aware of your surroundings. Otherwise, you will be the one slaughtered.

This one’s a paid game and I don’t like in-app purchases in paid games but this one’s worth it.

casual game

Shadow Skate

Shadow Skate is another pretty casual game that has some really nice visuals of skyscrapers, modern cities, forests, parks etc. The minimal visuals are certainly impressive plus I really like the gameplay.

The controls are simple. A button to jump a button to crouch and a button to speed up your skating speed.

On your way, you’ll find coins hidden gems in various obstacles that you’ll have to avoid.

There are tons of levels here. So you can just get away with this awesome little game.

shadow skate

Leap On

If you love some chaos in games then you’re going to enjoy Leap On. In the game, you have a ball to the center and you have to attend the whole swing the ball to get power-ups break at the balls while avoiding landing in the center and hitting the big boys in black and white.

Trust me that chaos that ensues when you go all crazy with the swinging is awesome. The control is really simple here and I like the fact that I can play this game with one hand.

leap on

You should definitely try out Leap On.

That Level Again 2

That Level Again 2 can be called a popular game. But it’s fairly unknown to many and it’s one game that I really wanted to recommend to you guys.

That level Again 2 as you might have guessed drinks the same level again and again. But with some really cool twists, every new level brings a new puzzle and different ways to win. There’s so much creativity and reasoning that most games don’t have and this is something really impressive about this game. To somethings up That Level Again 2 is a super casual game. But it’s not mine less 1 and if that’s something you like. You’ll enjoy.

that level again 2 casual game


YAMGUN is a cool 2D shoot-’em-up. Where you’re protecting the wall of the Citadel against invasion. Think of it as the wall from Game of Thrones where you’re the Nights Watch Commander and the invaders are the Knight King’s army. Unlike Game of Thrones, you’ll be out of ammo soon. But the good thing is you can’t recycle ammunition from the destroyed enemies.

The game lags a bit of pace at the start. But once it picks up you’re going to have a lot of fun. There are great bosses to fight various unique enemies and a lot of great guns. So what are you waiting for a try out the game!


So these are the best 10 Casual Game which I say you just need to play this if you’re bored of playing all regular games.

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